Industrial steam systems

Steam plays an important role in many processes as energy carrier or driving force. More and more emphasis is laid on a highest possible efficiency and a lowest possible environmental harm.

Hoval equipment installed:

Picture above:

  • Boiler type: 1 x Hoval THSD-I 170/160 E (17 to/h steam)
  • Burner: Saacke
  • Fuel: natural gas (H)

Picture below:

  • Boiler type: Hoval 6 x THW-I 210/200 HTE (20 MW)
  • Burner: Dreizler
  • Fuel: natural gas (H) and heating oil (EL)

Hoval Steam boilers  advantages at a glance:

  • High efficency rate – up to 90% even without economizer.
  • Complete systems including boilers, feedwater tanks, deaerator, condensate tanks, blow down tanks, etc. from one hand.
  • Easy to install, easy to operate, easy to maintain.


(Photos above: Paper production, Petula, DE)
(Photo below: Severnoye Domodedovo, Moscow, RU)

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